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Ceritamed is one of the leading companies in Iran specialized in the field of medical tourism, through Providing all services to foreign tourists at the best prices and the highest quality. What distinguishes Ceritamed company is Its medical team is experienced and trained at the highest level, which is the patient's link with the best Hospitals, medical clinics and elite Iranian doctors.

The medical services provided by Ceritamed are many and varied, including infertility, dentistry and surgery Cosmetic (such as: rhinoplasty - liposuction - facial surgery - hair transplantation - and...)

Eye surgery (such as: cornea surgery - cataract surgery - eyelid surgery - and...) heart surgery, orthopedic surgery (such as: knee joint replacement)

Ceritamed puts the comfort of the traveler during his treatment journey at the forefront of his priorities, as it provides him with many services Including entry visa to the country, hotels, accommodation, the accompanying translator, a mobile SIM, a tourist guide, and others Lots.


Free services in Ceritamd

Free medical services provided by Ceritamed company in Iran:

Ceritamed offers a lot of free medical services with the aim of making the traveler's journey more comfortable and enjoyable And give him an experience that may not be repeated again.

  • Free Consultation

    Free 24-hour consultation for the Ceritamed team for all individuals

  • free scout

    Free Scout for the best doctors in Iran

  • Translator of the same language and culture

    Translator of the same language and culture when you enter Iran and for the entire period of residence and at all times of treatment.

  • View housing services

    View other services such as mobile sim, internet and transportation



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What makes Iran a major destination for treatment ?

One of the most important reasons why Iran is a major destination for treatment, is its hospitable people, so the patient feels like Among his family and loved ones, this is what made a large segment of people think about going to Iran, especially neighboring countries As Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar and many more. And we can not forget the specialists in plastic surgery, Cardiac surgery, cancer, diabetes, ophthalmology, dentistry, etc..., in addition to hospitals Clinics equipped with the latest medical equipment, acceptable and appropriate prices compared to other countries, Hotels and comfortable accommodation enjoyed by the patient, and finally the beautiful tourist areas. all these The reasons have made Iran a major and reliable destination for treatment, and to have a tourist experience that may not be repeated one more time. With the help of the highly trained Ceritamed team, you can make your medical journey even more Comfort and fun. Your health is important to you and a priority to us.


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