The best heart hospital in Iran

The best heart hospital in Iran | Heart disease treatment in Iran

Have you or any of your relatives had a heart attack (heart disease)? If you think that you should pay a lot of money for treatment in the best heart hospitals, do not miss this article. You can treat heart diseases in the best and most equipped cardiac hospitals in Iran and under the supervision of the best cardiologists in the country. Here we introduce you to some of the best heart hospitals in Iran with their treatment facilities and the honors they have received.

Heart disease is recognized as the most common cause of death worldwide, and therefore requires special treatment as a serious challenge. Iran has an important role in diagnosing, treating and preventing cardiovascular diseases, as it has made remarkable progress in this beauty, as a large number of the most modern specialized and super-specialized heart hospitals have been established, which are equipped with the latest equipment and technologies in the world, and it has highly experienced medical cadres. In addition to being able to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of medical equipment

Iran has also established an international department in cardiovascular hospitals where special medical services are provided, in exchange for low medical costs (at the lowest cost), in addition to treating cardiovascular patients in the country. Iran has an exceptional destination for treating heart diseases for all patients worldwide. .

The goal of establishing this international department is to create a clear framework based on speed and accuracy in doing the required things, so that patients receive the best and highest quality of medical services in the shortest time and leave the hospital as soon as possible with complete satisfaction and relative improvement.


Heart hospitals in Iran


Martyr Rajaei Heart Hospital:
Shahid Rajaei Hospital in Tehran as one of the best heart hospitals in the world and the largest heart center in Asia was opened in 1974 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. This hospital has been awarded the title of the scientific center for cardiovascular diseases in the country. In this heart hospital, the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various heart diseases for adults and children are carried out under the supervision of experienced Iranian doctors and with fully advanced equipment.

In addition to the presence of doctors and cardiologists, this hospital has more than 120 full-time faculty members in various fields related to cardiovascular diseases, including laboratory, pharmacy, dentistry, social medicine, radiology, gastroenterology, respiratory system and other domains. These people are present in this hospital in order to better manage and provide comprehensive services to heart patients and they also provide counseling to patients in case of need. They provide the patients with the necessary advice and instructions in this center, in addition to the medical services, medical services and directions are also provided to change the lifestyle and to promote heart health and increase the quality of life for heart patients.

مستشفي الشهيد رجائي لامراض القلب

One of the most important honors for this hospital is to obtain the highest rank in clinical governance (responding to continuous quality improvement), obtaining the first rank in the national evaluation, obtaining the first rank in medical equipment, and installing the smallest pacemaker in the world (cardiac battery). ) for the first time in Iran.

In order to make international contacts in the field of health and treatment, Shahid Rajaei Hospital receives by opening the Diplomats wing and providing special medical services to about 1,000 patients and health tourists from around the world every day. This suite (section) includes 11 luxurious rooms equipped with special medical facilities such as direct follow-up by professors and doctors. These rooms also have comprehensive entertainment facilities such as television, Internet access and cafes. All employees of this ward at Shahid Ragai Heart Hospital are bilingual in English and Arabic and are available at all times to monitor the entire course of treatment.

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Children's Medical Center Hospital:
Treating children's heart disease in the pediatric clinic ensures their health in the future. We all know how children behave and react differently to illness than adults do. Therefore, it is necessary to use medicines and special treatments for children. Therefore, with the establishment of pediatric subspecialty hospitals in Iran, special attention has been paid to pediatric diseases and their treatment.

مستشفى المرکز الطبی للأطفال

Children's Medical Center Hospital is the first new pediatric hospital in Iran. This hospital has one of the most prominent pediatric cardiac surgery centers and a few like them in the country, where heart surgeries can be performed even on a baby weighing 2 kg. This educational, research and treatment center was built in 1958 at the suggestion of Dr. Hassan Ahri. The educational, research and treatment features of the Children's Medical Center made this hospital, as a referral (representative) center for Iranian pediatric diseases, especially incurable patients, and still exists (although other hospitals for children have been established)

Al Shaheed Civil Hospital:
Shahid Madani Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, which was later renamed the National Heart Center, was established in 1969 in Tabriz with the efforts of the father of modern Iranian heart surgery, Professor Abbas Quli Daneshvar and this hospital started its activities. As the largest and most equipped referral center for cardiovascular patients in northwestern Iran, this hospital works on improving the health of heart patients all over the world by providing high-quality medical services under the supervision of the best and most experienced cardiovascular specialists in Iran.

مستشفى الشهید مدنی

One of the most important honors that Martyr Madani Heart Hospital has received is performing the first successful open heart surgery in Iran by means of mitral valve replacement. Also, in less than a year, more than 10,000 surgical procedures and invasive diagnostic and therapeutic (attack) procedures in the field of cardiology are successfully performed at this center. This indicates the quality of services and skills of the doctors of this hospital. In addition to national medicine patients, this heart center annually receives many heart patients from different parts of the world and provides them with appropriate medical services.

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Erfan Hospital:
Specialist and Superspecialty Hospital Al-Irfan was one of the most well-equipped private hospitals in the country. It was established in 2006 to provide advanced health and care services and equipped with the latest hospital standards. This center serves patients in a specialized and supra-specialized manner in the field of all diseases, especially for diseases The heart in adults and children. The presence of experienced professors, experienced doctors and committed staff made this center the best private hospital in Iran. Irfan Hospital, through the provision of modern medical services at the international level, speed in providing services and responsible accountability (responsible response), has achieved a diamond rank, the highest international accreditation in Canada, obtaining an excellent and one degree according to the Ministry of Health.

Also, Irfan Hospital, by obtaining a license to accept international patients, is ready to provide medical services and intensive care to patients around the world according to high international standards in a calm environment, taking into account all national and international requirements, the presence of experienced doctors and the use of equipment.

Day hospital:
This hospital, was one of the largest specialized and supra-specialized treatment centers in Iran, operating as a first-class general hospital since 1991. This hospital was established with the aim of improving the standard of specialized and supra-specialized medical care and services using the most modern facilities, on the same level as the best hospitals. world in a calm and standard environment.

D Hospital, being a leading company in the use of new technologies in health services, has been able to provide sub-specialized services in a unique way, always one step ahead of the specified facilities in the field of treatment in Iran, and from the highly qualified staff and distinguished doctors and professors must be recognized With the experience and modernity of the hospital in the field of technology, it will be the most important subspecialty hospital in the region.

مستشفى دي في طهران

Since the beginning of the hospital, the Department of Cardiology and Vascular at Dee Hospital started its activities by utilizing experienced national specialists in cardiology, pediatrics and cardiac surgery, and with the expansion of the specialty branches of cardiology in the hospital, it is still developing.

Prof. Muhammad Hussain Mandegarh is one of the best and most famous specialists in this hospital, and he specializes in cardiovascular surgery. Dr. Mandegar managed to make his name in the history of medicine by obtaining degrees of excellence such as performing the first successful heart transplant, the first hemographic heart valve surgery, the first cutaneous valve surgery in Iran, etc.

This department, with its own facilities and new diagnostic and treatment technology in the world, continuously provides its services in a wide range of cardiovascular diseases.

The specialists in this department also provide high-quality services through cooperation and expanding partnership with other specialized groups in the hospital such as vascular surgery, internal medicine (renal, endocrine, lung and intensive care unit), CT, physiotherapy, etc. Therefore, patients can receive all services related to the treatment of heart diseases in this department.

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